Our Top Features

  •   Discover what's happening around you, In the meantime, you can grab some interesting discounts with our live offers feature. Be it a DJ night or a live stand-up act, or a one plus one offer we cover them all. Some examples if events are Ladies Night, Comedy Nights, Bollywood Night, Rock Band, Live Band, Retro Night, EDM events and much more.
  •   Establishment owners can recommend their signature Cocktails and best combo offer deals, create events and artists can share their concert schedules directly to the users by creating profiles on the app.
  •   Establishment owners can create last minute deals to attract more customers. They can themselves create events also.
  •   Check-in on the app and upload pictures of the venue, food, and artists for authenticity
  •   Stay connected with your friends, restaurants, artists by following them. Get to know what they are up to through your news feed.
  •   Order and pay for your food in from your table and the kitchen will know it. Finally you can enjoy your drink without trying to grab someones attention.
  •   You can also use your Lixr app to pay digitally for onsite purchases, gift drinks to friends, access special contests and give direct feedback about your campus food experience.

Above all, loyalty is the most important feature that our guest can benefit from. It does not matter if you are going to a club for the first time, you don’t to worry about talking to the manager to get an entry or wait in queue, the moment you flash your Lixr membership, the clubs/bars/pubs will know that you are a premium member. It is like having a platinum membership for airline travel.